banana 1
cup almond milk 1
cup oatmeal 1/2
spoon peanut butter 1
spoon vegan vanilla protein powder 1
cinnamon to taste
ice cubes as per desired consistency

Bombay and New York City-based fashion model Diva Dhawan eats healthy no matter where in the world she is. This smoothie recipe is a vegan winner! You can now pick up Bowl Bar Almond Mylk at Eat Thai in Bandra. It’s perfect on its own, in a smoothie, with muesli and lots more. 

“My journey with health and fitness has been a natural and fun progression. I played multiple sports in school, have been practicing yoga for 7 years and am now a certified Pilates mat instructor. My active lifestyle is most importantly supported by what I put inside my body. Nutrition is our fuel and we must fuel ourselves properly. I’d like to share one of my favourite breakfast smoothie recipes with you. I have a major sweet tooth and this is deliciously satisfying!”

Blend and enjoy!

Bowl Bar Vegan Almond Mylk