Welcome to the Bowl Bar blog. A place and space for all that is #futureisgreen.

Years ago I started receiving your questions via Instagram images of healthy food I was making at home. “What are chia seeds?” “Why are nut-based milks healthier?” “What’s the difference between cocoa and cacao?” “Please share your recipes for smoothie bowls?” These questions, comments and double-taps of encouragement showed me there was a real interest in healthy food but a serious dearth of information and knowledge. Eating pure, fresh, vegan food is so easy. Why did it seem so hard?

“I was inspired to create an entire ecosystem devoted to these gorgeous foods and the reasons why they’re nutritious, delicious and truly life-changing.”

On this blog you’ll find ingredient spotlights that explain nutritional profiles, health benefits and list ways to incorporate them into your diet. Posts on fitness and wellness from our team and our friends will live here. It’s become a truly global world, so we’ll we bringing you the latest information on health, vegan foods and pure living from nearby and afar. Last but certainly not least, our favorite recipes provide the delicious anchor for this blog, from a decadent bowl of luscious chia seed pudding to a rich side of lemon garlic cashew cream and everything in between, you can finally make your kitchen a vegan kitchen (at least some of the time.)

And for the days you don’t feel like cooking – or reading? Well, I couldn’t be more excited to tell you that our delivery service starts very soon in Mumbai at the end of the year, we open our very first vegan cafe in my favorite spot in the city, Bandra.

You asked, we answered. Bowl Bar is here. I hope you’ll love exploring this site and interacting with us in the comments of our posts. Sign up to get the latest in your inbox here and follow along on InstagramTwitter and Facebook.

Thanks for joining the #futureisgreen journey!